Tri-chapter, literally, is the first collection of mutuopia️.  

It is a collection that reforms conventional drinking experience with sleek lines and sinuous surfaces. 


Our initial sparks came from the team’s common interest on science fiction.

Science fiction is the extraordinary story of innovation and imagination.

In the past 100 years, it keeps asking numerous  “what if, what if ” questions.

We believe that the science fiction is more than almost any other genre has been

a remarkably revealing window onto our amibitions and anxieties, our dreams and our nightmares. 


Hooking on a feeling of "everyday escape"

 Searching for "distant similarities"

We try to bring the power of tranquility to people’s dinning rituals.

Pulling away from the time & space currently inhabited,

we may experience a magical journey from bud to neuron. 

Triangular and circular shapes are being played  

in both two-dimension and three-dimension to build sharp yet mellow containers.

Discretionally concerning about ergonomics,

we make this collection functional, durable and as well as delicate.


“Discipline or Freedom”, Tri-chapter stimulates ways of usages blended with different lifestyles,

amuses the ethos of etiquettes and connects inner-self with grand universe

to explore the unknown state of consciousness. 

Bon appétit and open your mind.